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[15 Feb 2017]

The Emmy-nominated director and editor Mike Jackson discusses Woodman, the short film he’s directing as part of the 18th Annual Crazy 8’s film competition, film making and more, with Joseph Planta.

Two P's in a Podcast »

[23 Jan 2017]

Two P’s in a Podcast returns with Jackie Pierre and Joseph Planta talking about President Donald Trump, the Women’s March, films such as Moonlight and Hidden Figures, and more.

The Commentary »

[2 Jan 2017]

Joseph Planta on the 179 films he watched in 2016.

On The Line »

[5 Dec 2016]

The filmmaker Tiffany Hsiung discusses her critically acclaimed first feature The Apology, a film that follows three grandmothers seeking a formal apology from the Japanese government for their enslavement as ‘comfort women’ during World War II, with Joseph Planta.

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[10 Aug 2016]

The filmmaker Joella Cabalu talks to Joseph Planta, about her new documentary It Runs in the Family, which screens at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Tuesday, 16 August 2016; they discuss Filipino identity and more.

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[30 Jun 2016]

The author Sam Wiebe discusses his new novel, Invisible Dead: A Wakeland Novel (Random House, 2016), his Vancouver-based private investigator Dave Wakeland and the people he encounters as he solves a missing persons case, and Vancouver itself, with Joseph Planta.

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[27 Jun 2016]

The journalists and broadcasters Andrea Warner and Lisa Christiansen discuss popular culture, feminism and their podcast Pop This!, with Joseph Planta.

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[22 Jun 2016]

The legendary burlesque star Tempest Storm discusses the new self-titled documentary about her life and career, and more, with Joseph Planta.

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[20 Jun 2016]

Nimisha Mukerji, the award-winning film and television director, discusses her new documentary, Tempest Storm, a look at the life of the legendary burlesque Tempest Storm, who at 88, reflects on her storied career in show business, her life and loves; with Joseph Planta.

On The Line »

[25 May 2016]

The actor and author, and the latest recipient of the Sam Payne Lifetime Achievement Award from the Union of British Columbia Performers, Stephen Miller, discusses his career in film and television, and more, with Joseph Planta.