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Rick Antonson

26 September 2013 | Email This Post Email This Post | Print This Post Print This Post

The author and CEO and President of Tourism Vancouver, Rick Antonson discusses his memoir, To Timbuktu for a Haircut: A Journey through West Africa, 2nd Edition (Dundurn, 2013), with Joseph Planta.

To Timbuktu for a Haircut: A Journey through West Africa by Rick Antonson (Dundurn, 2013).

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Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

I am Planta: On the Line, in Vancouver, at TheCommentary.ca.

Rick Antonson joins me again. His 2008 book, To Timbuktu for a Haircut: A Journey through West Africa has just been reissued. Nearly a decade ago, he went to Mali and in this book narrates a charming journey through Africa that has remarkable characters, as well as historical sights and artifacts. A memorable character in the book, is Rick’s guide Zak, who helps him navigate through the terrain and language. Much has happened in recent years though, what with a military coup in 2012, and the capture of the city by Islamic militants, has put in peril Mali’s people, and these irreplaceable, priceless artifacts, mosques and monuments. Unfortunately, going to Timbuktu isn’t feasible anymore, and this new second edition has a new afterword, bringing us up-to-date in the story, the latest on Zak, and more. It’s a delightful read, instructive about travel, and a marvellous time capsule of Mali as it once was. Rick Antonson is the outgoing president and CEO of Tourism Vancouver, where he’s been at the helm for 20 years. His most recent book was Route 66 Still Kicks, and he was a co-author of Slumach’s Gold, which is a legendary book of BC history. This second edition is published by Dundurn. Please welcome back to the Planta: On the Line program, Rick Antonson; Mr. Antonson, good morning.