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Elizabeth Bachinsky

18 April 2013 | Email This Post Email This Post | Print This Post Print This Post

Elizabeth Bachinsky discusses poetry, the community of poets she belongs to, teaching creative writing, and her latest collection of poems, The Hottest Summer in Recorded History (Nightwood Editions, 2013), with Joseph Planta.

The Hottest Summer in Recorded History by Elizabeth Bachinsky (Nightwood Editions, 2013).

Click to buy this book from Amazon.ca: The Hottest Summer in Recorded History

Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

I am Planta: On the Line, in Vancouver at TheCommentary.ca.

Elizabeth Bachinsky joins me now. She’s just published her fifth collection of poetry: The Hottest Summer in Recorded History. It’s described as a collection that showcases the poet’s signature eye for irony and sensuality, with a balance of youthful playfulness and observational maturity. The poems herein are fun, also sharp and truthful. It’s fun getting to know the poet through their work, and I’ll ask Ms. Bachinsky how much of her is in a book like this, and whether it matters how one reads it. Her previous collections include Curio, Home of Sudden Service, God of Missed Connections, and I Don’t Feel So Good. She’s been nominated for several awards including the Governor General’s Award for Poetry, the Pat Lowther Award, and the Kobzar Literary Award. She is the editor of Event Magazine, and teaches creative writing at Douglas College. Her website can be found at www.elizabethbachinsky.blogspot.ca. This collection is published by Nightwood Editions. Please welcome to the Planta: On the Line program, in studio as it were, Elizabeth Bachinsky; Ms. Bachinsky, good morning.