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Pico Iyer

21 February 2012 | Email This Post Email This Post | Print This Post Print This Post

The writer Pico Iyer discusses his new book, The Man Within My Head (Knopf, 2012), a personal memoir about the influence of Graham Greene and his writing, with Joseph Planta.

The Man Within My Head by Pico Iyer. (Knopf, 2011)

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Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

I am Planta: On the Line, in Vancouver at TheCommentary.ca.

The writer Pico Iyer joins me now. He has just published The Man Within My Head, a deeply personal book about his lifelong fascination with the writer Graham Greene. As the title suggests Greene figures prominently in the head of the British-born, California-raised, son of two Indian scholars; he’s a sort of father to Iyer. He never met Greene, but through Greene’s writing Iyer’s own life is revealed. It’s a fascinating, wonderful book. We’ll get Mr. Iyer to tell us about the book, Greene, and his own life illuminated through Greene’s work. Pico Iyer is a writer noted for his travel writing, and his books on the Dalai Lama, Japan, Cuba, and globalism. He regularly appears in the New York Review of Books, the Financial Times, Time and the New York Times. The website for more is at www.picoiyerjourneys.com. The book is published by Knopf. Please welcome to the Planta: On the Line program, here in Vancouver this day, Pico Iyer; Good morning, Mr. Iyer.