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The Seventh Anniversary Show

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Joseph Planta hosts the On the Line program’s Seventh Anniversary Show featuring: Robert Bateman, Phil Bronstein, Carlos Celdran, Emma Forrest, Dawna Friesen, Camilla Gibb, Jessica Holmes, Jonathan Kay, Graham Kerr, Mike Killeen and Tamara Taggart, Ken Kostick, Jack Layton, Mike Leonard, Rona Maynard, Mike McCardell, Winnie Monsod, Seamus O’Regan, Steve Paikin, Tony Parsons, Francine Pascal, Thomas Trofimuk, Hugh Segal, Miguel Syjuco, and Robert J. Wiersema.

Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

I am Planta: On the Line, in Vancouver at TheCommentary.ca.

Around this time in 2004, this program began. And so, seven years later, this Seventh Anniversary Show. I marked the program’s anniversary last year, and this year I’ll do the same. I like doing this retrospective, because it’s a chance to look back at the previous programs, the guests who’ve appeared, and an opportunity to listen in on the sort of conversations that have broken out on this website over the years.

Summers are less hectic on this website and the program is rather quiet. I did come back last month on the news of Gary Bannerman’s death, and did a program remembering Gary, his great broadcasting career and the man himself, with some of his friends and colleagues. But usually, the show is dormant over the summer, as there aren’t many books to talk about, and people are usually outside and not in front of a computer.

After the number of political programs I did this past spring, I left the program in early June, and enjoyed the break. However, each year, around mid-August, I get a little antsy. I wonder whether I should come back in the fall and continue the program. I’ll often go back and listen to some old interviews and that gets me motivated to continue.

As always when doing this clip show, there are more clips that I’d have wanted included than there’s time, otherwise this retrospective would take several hours. Even I can’t tolerate the sound of my own voice for that long. I hesitated in going back and including some of my favourite interviews, many of which can be found on last year’s show. I tried as had been suggested to look back at the year that was, and though I tried to focus only on the last 12 months, invariably one went back further.

The death last week of Jack Layton does not go unnoticed on this program today. The federal NDP leader appeared on this program twice in November 2004 and in November 2006. You’ll hear from those interviews. You’ll also, of course hear from the many writers and novelists who’ve appeared over the years.

There are a couple of minor themes to the show. One is a view to the interests I have, both silly and serious, which I try to work in from time to time. A serious one is Philippine culture and politics. Charlie Rose likes to talk about French culture and politics, so I’ve taken the liberty of talking about The Philippines on this program. You’ll hear from a number of guests who’ve given a view onto the country. A silly interest is my fascination with fountain pens. I’ll include some clips illustrating that obsession.

From time to time television personalities appear on this program. It’s always fun to talk to the people you watch. National and local anchors have appeared over the years. We’ll hear from six. All that and much more is to come, next on this look back, and of course when the program returns for its eighth year in September. Thanks for listening.