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Cathy Jones

26 September 2016 | Email This Post Email This Post | Print This Post Print This Post

A fun, wide-ranging chat was had between Cathy Jones and Joseph Planta, as Jones previews her one-woman show, opening up the Firehall Arts Centre’s fall season Stranger to Hard Work, playing 28 September-08 October 2016; they also discuss her years on television (This Hour Has 22 Minutes and CODCO) and more.

Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

I am Planta: On the Line, in Vancouver, at TheCommentary.ca.

The acclaimed and award-winning actress and comedian Cathy Jones joins me no. Her one-woman show Stranger to Hard Work will run at the Firehall Arts Centre here in Vancouver from Wednesday, 28 September to 08 October 2016. It’s their 34th season opening production. Ms. Jones joins me now to preview this mix of sketch comedy, stand-up, and entertainment that she’s toured in various cities across the country already. Visit www.firehallartscentre.ca for tickets. Cathy Jones has been on This Hour Has 22 Minutes since it debuted in 1993. She was also a founding member of CODCO. Her work has garnered her multiple Gemini Awards. Her film credits include The Grand Seduction, and the Weirdos, the new Bruce McDonald film that will screen shortly at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Please welcome to the Planta: On the Line program, in Halifax, Cathy Jones; Ms. Jones, good morning.