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Cynthia Hopkins

27 January 2016 | Email This Post Email This Post | Print This Post Print This Post

The celebrated musician, composer and theatre artist Cynthia Hopkins discusses her PuSh Festival show A Living Documentary, 05 February 2016 at the Fox Cabaret in Vancouver; with Joseph Planta.

Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

I am Planta: On the Line, in Vancouver, at TheCommentary.ca.

Cynthia Hopkins joins me now. The internationally acclaimed musician, artist and composer will be starring in her one-woman show A Living Documentary as part of the PuSh Festival. The show is a tour de force of eclectic semi-fictional characters portrayed by Ms. Hopkins, who sings, tells stories, dons costumes, makeup and wigs of men and women she’s encountered who know all-too well the reality of artistic endeavour. I’ll get Ms. Hopkins to tell us about the show and what people can expect on 05 February 2016 at the Fox Cabaret at 2321 Main Street here in Vancouver. Visit www.pushfestival.ca for tickets and information. Cynthia Hopkins has received many awards for her work, including a 2015 Doris Duke Artist Award, a 2015 Grants to Artists Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship, and a 2007 Alpert Award in Theater. She’s produced eight albums of original music, as well as seven performance works. She’s been hailed for her music and her groundbreaking multimedia performance works. She performed on John Hodgman’s Netflix special, Ragnarok. Visit www.cynthiahopkins.com. She joins me from New York City where one afternoon in early January. Please welcome to the Planta: On the Line program, Cynthia Hopkins; Ms. Hopkins, good morning.