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Julian Sher

24 May 2006 | Email This Post Email This Post | Print This Post Print This Post

Journalist Julian Sher recently spoke with Joseph Planta about his new book, Angels of Death: Inside the Bikers’ Global Crime Empire (Knopf, 2006), which he co-authored with William Marsden, a timely look at the Hells Angels, and other bikers who’ve met the attention of the public, not to mention law enforcement.

Angels of Death: Inside the Bikers’ Global Crime Empire by Willaim Marsden and Julian Sher. (Knopf, 2006)

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Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

This is the Planta: On the Line program here at THECOMMENTARY.CA.

The authors that brought the best-selling, award-winning, and critically acclaimed The Road to Hell: How the Biker Gangs Are Conquering Canada (Knopf Canada, 2003) are back with a brand new book that looks at the Hells Angels and their expansion from being a group of rebels to becoming one of the world’s most sophisticated criminal organisations. In Angels of Death: Inside the Bikers’ Global Crime Empire, authors William Marsden and Julian Sher take the reader around the world, from Arizona where American law enforcement staged the biggest undercover operation to infiltrate the bikers; to Australia, where the ‘bikies’ shoot it out with police; to Scandinavia, where it’s literally a war zone; to here in British Columbia where bikers seem to dominate the organised crime pyramid.

I am joined today by Julian Sher, who recently received the 2006 Michener-Deacon Fellowship. For ten years, he was an investigative producer at the fifth estate, and the creator of a very fine website JournalismNet (http://www.journalismnet.com), an invaluable tool for those of us who fool around on the internet, or those who are a bit more responsible, like say, journalists. The book, Angels of Death is published by Knopf, $34.95. Please welcome to the Planta: On the Line program, Julian Sher; Good morning, Mr. Sher.


JournalismNet: http://www.journalismnet.com