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Michael Christie

The author Michael Christie talks about his first novel, If I Fall, If I Die (McClelland & Stewart, 2015), growing up, agoraphobia, and more, with Joseph Planta.

If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie (McClelland & Stewart, 2014).

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Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

I am Planta: On the Line, in Vancouver, at TheCommentary.ca.

The acclaimed writer Michael Christie joins me now. He’s just published his first novel, If I Fall, If I Die. The reviews of this highly anticipated book have been outstanding thus far, and Mr. Christie has emerged as one of the noted writers of our time. His debut collection of fiction, The Beggar’s Garden was longlisted for the Giller Prize, and was a finalist for the Writers’ Trust Prize, and the recipient of the Vancouver Book Award. In this new book, we’re taken to Mr. Christie’s own home town of Thunder Bay, Ontario, where we meet Will, who’s never been Outside. Outside, with the capital ‘O,’ is something new, something fascinating for Will, who has spent most of his young life inside with his agoraphobic mother, Diane. I’ve started the book, and it quickly drew me in. The writing is lyrical conveying the confined space of Will’s home, as well as the anxiety of what’s outside the door, who’s beyond the house, and of course the why of it all. I’ll get Mr. Christie to tell us about this book, and more. www.michaelchristie.net [2] is the website for more. The book is published by McClelland & Stewart. He lives on Galiano Island, but joins me from here in Vancouver today. Please welcome to the Planta: On the Line program, Michael Christie; Mr. Christie, good morning.