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Jesse Thom

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The author and musician Jesse Thom talks about his new book, Some Bunny Loves You (Thom Foolery Books, 2014), the puppet Chyld Saint-Thomas, music, children and more, with Joseph Planta.

Some Bunny Loves You by Jesse Thom (Thom Foolery Books, 2014).

Click to buy this book: Some Bunny Loves You

Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

I am Planta: On the Line, in Vancouver, at TheCommentary.ca.

Chyld Saint-Thomas is a professional puppet who’s written a new book. It’s a musical picture book called Some Bunny Loves You. We’ll visit with his ‘right-hand man’ Jesse Thom. I’ll get him to tell us about this book, and what you get when you buy it. It comes with a CD with some charming music written and performed by Mr. Thom, as well as some finger puppets. The book is illustrated by cristache. Visit www.puppetauthor.com to order the book and for more information. Jesse Thom is a multidisciplinary artist and childcare worker. He’s toured festivals around the world as a musician and street performer. Please welcome to the Planta: On the Line program, Jesse Thom; good morning, Mr. Thom.