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Terry Gould

9 June 2005 | Email This Post Email This Post | Print This Post Print This Post

Steven Wong was a gangster who walked the streets of Vancouver’s Chinatown with impunity, and throughout Asia even after he supposedly died in 1992. Bestselling author Terry Gould tells Joseph Planta the fascinating story of how he befriended Wong, and how for the past decade or so he’s tried to find Wong in a hunt that’s stretched from Canada to Macau, to Cambodia, to The Philippines, where Wong staged his death. Gould’s remarkable book is Paper Fan: The Hunt for Triad Gangster Steven Wong (Vintage, 2005).

Paper Fan: The Hunt for Triad Gangster Steven Wong by Terry Gould. (Random House, 2005)

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Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

The story has gang warfare, violence, sex, drugs, and political corruption. It stretches from New York City, to Vancouver’s Chinatown, to Macau, to Cambodia, to The Philippines. It’s the story told in Paper Fan: The Hunt for Triad Gangster Steven Wong. The riveting story told in Paper Fan is the decade-long chase that the author Terry Gould embarks on as he tries to find Steven Wong, who supposedly ‘died’ in 1992.

Terry Gould is an investigative journalist and an internationally bestselling author. He’s won 38 awards and honours for his writing on organised crime and social issues. He has appeared on such programs as 20/20 and 48 Hours. He joins us to talk about Steven Wong, whom he befriended in the course of his work, as well as Paper Fan, recently published in trade paperback by Vintage, a division of Random House Canada; $22.00 CDN ($15.50 USD). Please welcome to THECOMMENTARY.CA, Terry Gould; Good morning, Mr. Gould.