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Hugo Bonjean

7 June 2005 | Email This Post Email This Post | Print This Post Print This Post

Author Hugo Bonjean talked with Joseph Planta about his book, In the Eyes of Anahita (Eagle Vision, 2004), a thought-provoking book looking at the condition of the developing world in South America, and how North Americans and others are part of the problems there. The book is fictionalised novel, but it’s a very thoughtful book about the condition of the world today.

Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

Hugo Bonjean is a former corporate hotel executive, who is also the founder of Eagle Vision Consulting, a consulting and leadership development company helping companies create sustainable business models by becoming socially and environmentally responsible. He’s the author of a recent book, In the Eyes of Anahita, published by Eagle Vision, $20.95 CDN. Mr. Bonjean was born in Antwerp, Belgium and lives in Calgary, where he joins us this morning. Please welcome to THECOMMENTARY.CA, Hugo Bonjean; Good morning, Mr. Bonjean.


Hugo Bonjean’s website: http://www.intheeyesofanahita.com/