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Tanya Churchmuch

21 March 2005 | Email This Post Email This Post | Print This Post Print This Post

Freedom of the press is under seige. Throughout the world, but in particular the United States and Canada there are glaring examples of where your right to know is seriously being challenged. Tanya Churchmuch is the Canadian president of Reporters Without Borders, an international organisation advocating for greater freedom of the press worldwide, and she talked with Joseph Planta about examples in Canada and beyong, like the case against Juliet O’Neill and more.

Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

You’d think in 2005, with the reality of 24-hour news, and the proliferation of the Internet and blogs, that getting information would not be difficult. Guess again. It seems that more and more, journalists are finding it more difficult to inform the public. There are examples in this country and elsewhere that are stunning when you think about it, and we’ll shed some light on those and fill in some of the knowledge gaps with my next guest.

Tanya Churchmuch is the Canadian President of Reporters Without Borders, an international organisation working for freedom of the press throughout the world. She is also a reporter with Global News in Montreal, and is the Sunday anchor of their 6.00 pm newscast. She joins me on the line from Montreal this morning.

Please welcome to THECOMMENTARY.CA, Tanya Churchmuch; Good afternoon, Ms. Churchmuch.


Reporters Without Borders: http://www.rsf.org