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Ray Argyle

26 October 2004 | Email This Post Email This Post | Print This Post Print This Post

Ray Argyle has observed many political campaigns as a journalist or consultant; and has written a new book, Turning Points: The Campaigns that Changed Canada 2004 and Before (White Knight, 2004), where he examines 15 pivitol elections that have been of great consequence to the country. He spoke with Joseph Planta about his book, and discussed the bold prescriptions he has for Canada in the 21st century, including the designation of a co-capital in Calgary.

Text of introduction by Joseph Planta:

As a journalist, consultant, or volunteer, Ray Argyle has observed many Canadian political campaigns. He’s written about some of them, and more, in his new book, Turning Points: The Campaigns that Changed Canada. Argyle examines 15 key elections from Confederation on, and offers some prescriptions that’s published by White Knight, the price is $29.95.

Argyle is also the founder of Argyle Rowland Worldwide, a Toronto based consulting firm. Among the countless international corporations he has himself counselled, Ray has advised heads of government, like German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, and former President Gerald Ford. He’s also counselled the great Sir Peter Ustinov, and Jimmy Pattison. He is also a native of British Columbia.

Welcome to THECOMMENTARY.CA, from Toronto, Ray Argyle; Good afternoon, Mr. Argyle.

This segment was produced by Joseph Planta; with assistance from Richie Leung.